Frequently Asked Questions


Is Chamber membership a good investment?

It’s a great investment. Ask any Lake County Chamber member — they’ll tell you they recoup their membership costs many times over in benefits and discounts. The discounts on Workers Comp rates alone can save over what you’re probably paying now.

Which Lake County Chamber of Commerce should I join?

It depends. If your company is in, Madison, for instance, you should probably start there. But if your company does business in other parts of Lake County, you might also consider membership in other Lake County Chambers.

How much does membership cost?

Membership costs vary from Chamber to Chamber. The logical place to start is by becoming a member of the Chamber where your business is actually located.
Of course you may decide, as many of our members have, to join additional Chambers in the places where you do business as well. Multiple Chamber memberships mean an increased networking base!

Are membership benefits the same with each Lake County Chamber?

More or less. All of our Chambers offer the “biggies” — affordable group health plans through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Discounted Worker’s Compensation rates from CompManagement, networking/business building opportunities, speakers and programs. But each Chamber also has its own special membership perks and pluses!

I’m already spread pretty thin. Is Chamber of Commerce membership time consuming?

It’s your call entirely. Some of our members pop in for a meeting or an event whenever they can, others attend functions religiously, and/or volunteer to serve on Chamber boards and advisory committees. Naturally, the more you attend the greater your networking opportunities, but we fully understand that our members are busy folks.

Are there any other reasons to join?

Sure! First, it’s fun. When you’re a Chamber member you meet new friends, and get to join in some cool after-hours activities. Second, your support of your local Chamber helps us mount lots of important behind-the-scenes efforts to foster a good business climate in your market, and act as an assertive pro-business voice in Columbus and Washington.