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True Story: How the chamber helped my business

True Story: How the chamber helped my business

Being a member of the chamber was very helpful to our small construction business in relationship maintenance, advertising, and education.
Relationship development and maintenance are vital to any business. It is very important in the construction industry, because the majority of our work comes from referrals. Through the chamber, I developed a community of people that I could call when there was a need. Whenever I needed a product or service, I made it a point to reach out to my fellow chamber members before I would look elsewhere. This helped build a trust between our business and my fellow members. By building trust through community involvement, I built new relationships that increased business. It was helpful for my business to meet the leaders and business owners of my community, because organizations of all different kinds attended chamber events and this opened up new opportunities.

• One of my biggest goals with joining the chamber was to find more creative ways of marketing and advertising. Face to face networking is a great way to advertise a business, because then the business has a more personal image. It was great to actually speak to the people that I did business with on a day to day basis. For example, we got a lot of our plumbing supplies from a local plumbing store in town. I never was able to meet the owners until I met them at a chamber meeting. That made doing business with them much more personal and I developed a friendship with the owner which resulted in new jobs. The chamber gave me a place to go to tell people about my business and my business news, and I received many new contacts every time I attended an event. There were always new people to meet at the meetings, and I made several new acquaintances.

I developed other advertising ideas from talking to other business owners and brainstorming together. There were collaborative efforts to make advertising much more affordable, because businesses would share the cost of the advertisement. There were opportunities to partner up with other businesses to be involved in larger events. It was great to host an event occasionally, so we could showcase our work. The chamber gave me another source to advertise online, because I connected with the people through my website, Linked in, Facebook, and email. More personal advertising is much more effective than other types of advertising.

• Education is a very important part of owning and running a business, because things are always changing in today’s very competitive business world. Through the seminars and speakers, I learned new ways to do things to help my business, recent news and events, and new ways to cope with my business challenges.

I would highly recommend joining a chamber, because it helps business owners to build and maintain relationships, advertise and market a business, and be educated on the most recent events and news.

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