3 Reasons You Should Choose a Web Professional

We’ve all seen the ads. “Affordable Websites,”  “Cheap Websites,” “Do it yourself”.  Or maybe your grandson, a friend of a friend, or the neighbor claims to know how to build websites and will do it for cheap, sometimes free. Saving money is great. But is it the right choice?
Imagine you are going to the dentist to get a tooth pulled. I can do that! Would you trust me to pull your tooth in a pain free manner? Absolutely not. You will visit a professional dentist who has that nice, shiny degree hanging on his wall and all those tools from a Frankenstein movie. Why? Because you know he will do it right. Just like a web professional. So what do web professionals do right?


A web professional will have the expertise to setup, customize and design your website to produce the greatest return on investment. You might think you just need your phone number listed? But are customers in your industry more likely to fill out an appointment scheduler? Or maybe you wanted a rainbow of colors on your website?  Have you taken into consideration that colors influence buying decisions? What works for your competition? What about customization? Buy a house and it’s hard to customize.  Build a house and you can design it for your own needs. A web professional’s expertise will allow you to answer these questions and more.

 Ease of Use

Web professionals specialize in usability. They know where to place buttons, graphics and navigation links to make a site user friendly. You can use a website builder to place those same elements but will you use the right placement and the right language. Did you know that simply adding a word… a single word… to a navigation link makes a user less likely to click it, because it takes them longer to read it? The difference between a word or the placement of a button can mean the difference between getting a customer or losing a customer.


Is support important to you? Do you want to talk to someone in your local community? Do you want to be able to meet them in person? If the answer is yes, then choose a web professional. With cheap, big box companies you get just that… cheap, big box support. Don’t settle for long wait times on the phone, talking to overseas support technicians and being routed from department to department. Choose a local web professional who will keep you happy, resolve your problems and know your site in and out because they worked on it. Most importantly, choose someone you trust to do the job right. It’s your money, your investment. Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”.

Get the best bang for your buck. Hire a web professional to provide expertise, ease of use and great support. Focus on what you’re really good at: your business.

Guest blog entries by chamber members are most welcome! Got something to tell us about?  Email us! Chamber member Nicholas Rhodes is the owner of Asgard Development LLC, a web design and development company located in Madison, Ohio. With over 10 years of industry experience, Nick has been successful in helping many businesses grow and keep a competitive edge in the digital age.